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Why Name a Beneficiary?

Naming a beneficiary for your structured settlement annuity is an easy way to avoid probate and have your annuity proceeds go directly to your beneficiary.  So what is probate anyway, and why is it something you might want to avoid? Probate is a court-supervised legal process that first identifies all the deceased person’s assets and […]

Structured Settlements and Minors

How Structured Settlements are Different with Minors. When a personal injury plaintiff is a minor, the courts are presented with a difficult challenge deciding how to payout the award.  The child must be taken care of both as a minor and also as an adult.  In personal injury cases related to product liability, wrongful death, medical […]

Personal Injury Settlements

Let’s talk about Personal Injury. In a civil case such as personal injury where a person has been harmed and now seeking compensation from the responsible party. Periodic payments from a structured settlement can help with medical expenses and unforeseen long term costs. Individuals that seek this monetary compensation do so in various types of […]

Structured Settlements and Divorce

The way Structured Settlements are handled in Divorce can vary.  There are two key factors that determine how structured settlements are processed in a divorce; where you live and how your settlement agreement was written.  During this difficult time in your life you will want to know as much about your Structured Settlement as possible, […]

Structured Settlements and Inheritance

Whether or not a Structured Settlement can be inherited all depends on the annuity contract specifying either “life contingent payments” or “guaranteed payments”. This may be a sensitive subject to think about, however, with the amount of money that could be at stake it is a reasonable question to contemplate. When you have loved ones […]

Great Things About Structured Settlement Annuities and Taxes

• Structured settlement annuity payments, received on account of a personal physical injury, do not count as income for tax purposes. This exemption applies to both the original amount invested in the structured settlement annuity and any interest earned on it over time. • Income from structured settlement payments also does not affect your eligibility […]

What is the Difference Between Fixed Annuities and Variable Annuities

This is a question that is often perplexing to the average individual. A variable annuity differs from a fixed annuity because it does not in any way guarantee an interest yield from investments made. The value of a variable annuity is primarily based upon the performance of underlying investment portfolios. There is a way to […]

What is an Annuity?

An annuity is an equal distribution of payments made over an agreed period of time. It is typically used by investors to delay the payment of income taxes on income or save tax deferred. Annuities can also help replace a paycheck in retirement. There are two main types of annuities including variable annuities and income […]

What is a Structured Settlement?

Do you know exactly what a Structured Settlement is? It is an agreed upon through negotiation compensation either financial or an insurance arrangement where a claimant settles on to resolve a personal injury claim by receiving a partial or full payments periodically by payments on an agreed schedule instead of receiving a lump sum. A […]