We are often asked why people sell their structured settlement annuity payments

Since life is constantly changing, our financial needs often change as well.  Some events can be anticipated, while others are totally unforeseen. “Life happens,” as they say. Financial opportunities may arise that require more money than you have on hand. Or sometimes you just want to change your life.

Client First understands it is critical for you to always have the financial resources you need, when you need them. You may be thinking about whether it would be better to have a lump sum of money instead of your periodic payments.  Here are some key reasons why people sell their structured settlement annuity payments:


Your present credit line may not be enough to qualify you for a home loan. A lump sum may be just what you need to purchase the home you want.


If your debts have piled up, why not give yourself peace of mind by lowering or eliminating your outstanding bills. Explore whether it makes sense for you to sell a portion of your structured settlement payments to stop accruing debt.


Children grow up so fast, and before you know it, they are starting college. Or maybe you have decided you need to go back to school. Investing in your education or your children’s education can help increase long-term earning potential. Selling a portion of your structured settlement payments may be an alternative to student loans that can weigh you down for years to come.


Have you always wanted to be your own boss? Would you like to know what it’s like to build something on your own? Structured settlements can provide an opportunity for you to start your own business. If you have the skills and determination, Client First may be able to provide the funds you need to pursue your dream.


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